10 Ways Telecom in the Clouds Can Help Your Business

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    10 Ways Telecom in the Clouds Can Help Your Business

    1. Reduce capital expenditure: Reduce in-house telephone system hardware investment, purchase VOLP-Ready telephones, and save on managing both phone/data lines
    2. Minimal IT support: Free your IT staff and system management occurs in the Cloud
    3. Space-saving option: No need for an in-house server room and ideal for remote locations
    4. Business continuity: Resides in redundant and secure data centers and forward calls to mobile phones utilizing LAN/WAN
    5. Scale up/scale down: Highly flexible and quick to deploy
    6. Comprehensible features: Advanced features and functionality and appear as a call from the main office from anywhere
    7. Automatic upgrades: Software changes happen automatically in the background and keep informed with notifications of new capabilities
    8. Productivity anywhere: Constant connectivitiy – anwhere, anytime – and business can get done no matter where you are
    9. Mobile solutions: Use your smartphone as your office telephone and place outbound calls while displaying your office number instead of the mobile number
    10. Focus on what matters: Enables you to concentrate on your core businesss and stay competitive with advanced features and productivity tools

    Source: Toshiba

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