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Telephone, Voicemail, Paging, Amplifier, and Music-on-Hold Equipment Installation and Service. As an Authorized Dealer & Installer, we highlight our Toshiba product line.

Solutions for the Way Your Company Communicates

Businesses today need a flexible telecommunication system that can easily adapt to their changing and growing needs. The Strata CTX100 is specifically designed to provide the exact telecommunication features your business requires today, and as it grows in the future. That makes the Strata CTX100 the ultimate cost-effective telecommunication solution to give you the investment protection you need.

Expand Functionality as Needed

Toshiba's expertise makes the Strata CTX100 the optimum solution, whether you need a basic telephone system or advanced capabilities. For example you can add valuable options like Voice Mail/Auto Attendant, Computer Telephony, Integration, Automatic Call Distribution, Voice Over Internet Protocol, StrataNet Multiple System Networking, and more to improve your business's overall productivity and customer service.

You can also use our branch-office extender products to provide digital telephone extensions from your main location to remote employees. This gives your remote workers the same advanced telephone-system functionality as your main-office employees.


You cannot be everywhere at once, with voice mail you have a virtual secretary ready and waiting to take your important messages. Since the messages are stored on a hard drive, you will not have the problem of looking for post-it notes or message pads.

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